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Dell Equalogic commands

show member This will print out your san group members with some basic info, as seen below. Name Status Version Disks Capacity FreeSpace Connections ———- ——- ———- —– ———- ———- ———– SAN01 online V7.0.

APT/Dpkg options I always forget

Remove a package and its dependencies apt-get autoremove packagename Install a specific pkg version apt-get install package=x.x.x-version Purge config files of remove packages dpkg -l |awk ‘/^rc/ {print $2}’ |xargs

Vyatta IPSEC status commands

Phase 1 show vpn ike status show vpn ike secrets* show vpn ike sa* Phase 2 show vpn ipsec status show vpn ipsec sa* Debug show vpn debug Good link with great tutorial